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ALXION is an undisputed leader in High Torque Permanent Magnet Motors for Factory Automation and Alternators for Wind and Water Turbines operating in Direct Drive without gear.


Kits of STK roto-stator units for direct drive are available in 2 ranges with the same technology but different windings and wiring and electro-mechanical data customized according to the applications: STK torque motors and STK alternators.

 ST torque motors for direct drive with rare earth magnets are the up-to-date version of FC motors with ferrite magnets.  

STK Direct Drive  motors have been designed for being integrated at the heart of servomechanisms with the aim to improve the performances of axis control of high torque motors.

Thus, the use of ALXION’s Direct Drive frameless torque motors offers adequate solutions regarding the improvement of dynamic performances and accuracy and allows to address applications with demanding constraints on volumes and weights.


Designed with the aim of addressing new industrial needs, ALXION has created ST high torque motors range for DIRECT DRIVE allowing acceleration up to 20 000 rad/s². Direct drive motors of  145 ,190 and 300ST ranges present an outstanding compacity with a continuous torque-to-weight up to 3.7 Nm/Kg and a peak torque-to-weight up to 18 Nm/Kg.

The range of STK Permanent Magnet alternators, also called permanent magnet generators,  addresses the applications of Wind Turbine generators, windmill  alternators or windmill generators for small wind turbines and small water turbines, that is to say in low and medium power needing the highest power-to-weight ratio in Direct Drive without gear for matching cost-effective solutions.

Alternateurs kits STK à aimants permanents

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Alxion est présent sur les 5 continents

ALXION has been able to establish a fruitful collaboration with renowned users over the 5 continents.

Alxion has a network of skilled and experienced distributors in Europe, Asia and South Africa. Sales in America are made directly.

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