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Resolvers RES FC


The ALXION RES FC range of large diameter hollow shaft precision resolvers has been specially designed for ALXION Direct Drive motors. These resolvers are available in two versions: 2 poles and 12 poles.

Données techniques


  • Large diameter hollow shaft: up to 90 mm

  • High precision: up to +/-1 arcminute

  • Two versions: 2 poles and 12 poles

Characteristics of the range

The high diameter accurate  resolvers developed by ALXION are theideal position  feedback for the Direct Drive motors of the FC and ST ranges and can be used advantageously in axes using STK motors. Their robust electromechanical technology  allows the use in hotter and dirtier environment than encoders.

12-pole resolvers – RES FC 6


2 Pole Resolver – RES FC 1

  • 2-pole precision resolver. The resolver has an accuracy of +/- 50 arcminutes.

3D file

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