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ALXION has encountered applications of permanent magnets torque motors where the presence of glue and polymers was to be avoided mainly at the rotor. These are on the one hand applications of rotors under vacuum exposed to ionizing radiations which have been made in particular for CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) and on the other hand applications in printing machines where the presence of aggressive solvents such as toluene, penetrating despite the sealing of the motors existing in the users' mechanics, can damage the adhesives and the polymers. For these applications, a rotor without polymers is required, in particular with the attachment of the magnets to the rotor provided by mechanical parts without glue. In addition, interchangeability with standard rotors must be preserved to facilitate application maintenance. ALXION has therefore worked on the design of a glueless rotor made up of mechanical parts and interchangeable with standard rotors and has designed and tested a rotor structure which ensures applications under vacuum and under ionizing radiation as well as in applications subject to to an environment of aggressive solvents.



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